Outdoor full color LED display is one of the commonly used LED displays in commercial and public sectors. When constantly using it for any purpose, one should also consider to maintain the equipment to make it last longer. In this article, we are to offer you specific approaches to cleansing outdoor LED display.

1. Dust: clean the dust in the same direction, from left to right or right to left, Using professional power brush to clean the surface of the display module dust or dirt. When cleaning up brush horizontally homogeneous pneumatic cleaning, one should do so according to the degree of contamination or aging of the HD LED display.

2, cleaning: Use the sprayer for cleaning liquid is sprayed onto the surface of the preliminary cleaning module.

3, secondary dedusting: using professional power brush again to clean up dust led display module. Note: The clean-up need to replace the brush. The brush can be reused, but must be clean to avoid recontamination.

4, repair: use dedicated repair liquid sprayer spraying onto the surface of the display surface to repair.

5, air-dried: in temperature, humidity, wind speed, suitable for the situation it can dry naturally. In the case of low humidity it can dry with an air gun requiring pressure to below 3 kg.

outdoor full color led display