Pre-sale service: We offer the best resolution of custom designed.

         In-service: Offer the enquiry service of the LED display technical, specifications, fitting, etc. Offer the best complete suggestions according to the environment  and your requirement.

        After service:Within 2 years after purchasing, any defective product due to materials or production failure from HANTANG will be repaired by us without any extra service fee. The shipping & handling charges from customers to HANTANG for service will be paid by buyer. The shipping fee from HANTANG to customers for sending back will be paid by HANTANG.

         After warranty period, the buyer can return the defective components due to technical or quality problems to HANTANG. HANTANG is obligated to repair well and send back to the buyer, the service and repairing cost has to be charged which will be notified by HANTANG.