P10 outdoor green LED display module

Model HT-OMG10
Brand HT
Min order 1
Supply ability 50000PCS/month
Payment T/T, Western union etc
Port Shenzhen, HK
Certification CE, CCC, ISO, ROSE ETC
Place China
Packaging Wooden cases/ flight cases etc
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P10 outdoor green LED display module

P10 outdoor green led display module

1.Preeminent effects: Clear and stable pictures without distortion and disturbance.
2.High quality: adopting first-class chips and wafers imported from abroad.
3.Flexible form: continuity, overlying, combination of dynamic and static playing, various effects include rolling moving, typewriting, gradual changing and so on.
4. Distribution scanning and Modulation design technique.
5. Stable and reliable system.
6. Supports many kinds of patterns.
7. Easy to operate.
8. Modular design, random combination sizes as you want