P10 outdoor statium LED display

Model HT-OS10
Brand HT
Min order 1
Supply ability 5000sq.m/month
Payment T/T, Western union etc
Port Shenzhen, HK
Certification CE, CCC, ISO, ROSE ETC
Place China
Packaging Wooden cases/ flight cases etc
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P10 outdoor statium LED display


Part Number HT-OS10 HT-OS16 HT-OS20
Pixel Pitch 10mm 16mm 20mm
LED Configuration 1R1G1B DIP346 1R1G1B DIP346 1R1G1B DIP546
Pixel Density 10000dot/m2 3906dot/m2 2500dot/m2
Module size 160X160mm 256X128mm 320X160mm
Module Resolution 16X16dot 16X8dot 16X8dot
Cabinet Size 1280X960mm 1024X1024mm 1280X960mm
Cabinet Resolution 128X96 64X64 64X48
Cabinet Weight 70kg 60kg 65kg
 IP Rating ( front/back) IP65/54 IP65/54 IP65/54
Scanning Mode 1/4 scan mode static static
Brightness Intensity ≥6500CD/m2 ≥7000CD/m2 ≥6000CD/m2
Viewing Angle 110°/55° 110°/55° 110°/55°
View Distance 10m-75m 16m-130m 18m-160m
Gray Scale 14bit 14bit 14bit
Display Scale 16.7M 16.7M 16.7M
Max.Power Consumption 750 W/m² 1250 W/m² 800 W/m²
Ave.Power Consumption 250W/m² 417W/m² 267W/m²
Refresh Frequency ≥2400HZ ≥2400HZ ≥2400HZ
 Brightness Adjustment 0 - 100 levels adjustable
Control Mode Synchronous display with control PC by DVI
Support Input Composite,S-Vido,Component,VGA,DVI,HDMI,HD_SDI
Operation Power AC110 / AC220 50/60HZ
Operating Temperature  - 20℃~+60℃
Operating Humidity 10~90% RH
Operating Life 100,000hours



1, High refresh rate, high brightness, high gray scale, can show clearly every event in an instant.

2, The box body can be in 65 °, 70 °, 75 °, 80 °, 85 °, 90 ° between adjustment, to ensure the best visual Angle.

3, Soft mask and system.after the soft cushion design, when the screen body bump, can effectively protect the security of the screen and personnel.

Between April and body easy card button fitting design, for the artificial rapid installation and remove the screen creates a very convenient conditions.

5, Adopt efficient optical fiber transmission system, effectively reduce the signal delay phenomenon, to assure the consistence of part of the game screen showing.

6, Aual power supply and backup data control signals.

7, High strength, anti-aging fabrics, IP65 protection grade, can withstand any test environment.

8, The aviation plug connector choose professional, quality safety guarantee.

Scope of application: used in the football field, basketball court, tennis court, baseball, used to display the scores/live game and advertisement etc.